Rubber Bumper B Twin SU carb conversion:

Recommendations Dollars vs. Returns

The differences

Vac advances
The differences
What is wrong with mine?
Maybe a bigger difference than the carbs will make, but carbs first (why?)
MG owners have historically been a frugal bunch (dizzys were not likely rebuilt or modified)
Pertronix ign
Pertronix coil
Pertronix coil bracket

Parts List:
Choke cable Moss #331-240 $14.75
Bracket for choke cable (must be fabricated)
Manifold to Head gasket Moss #296-410 $2.95
Exhaust manifold w/ 9/16" flanges ('63 - early '71) eBay $35 - $80
Stud kit w/brass nuts for above Moss #328-718 $9.00
Exhaust Head pipe '68-'74 from Moss #444-020 $54.95
2) Donut gaskets from head pipe to manifold Moss #290-510 $1.90 ea.
Clamp from head pipe to exhaust Moss #411-090 $5.95
2) K&N #56-9320 Conical Air Filters w/ offset mount Moss #222-985 $65.95 ea.

Other needed Tasks:
Drill cable guide to 1/4" in heat shield to use existing throttle cable. Cut end off existing cable.
Mini - filters thicker (same angle, but cover thicker)
Motor mounts
Water bypass port
Heater hose routing
Expand old exhaust pipe at cutoff point (Autozone Pipe Expander)
Grind K&N filter studs, on gasket side, level with screwdriver slot
The price of the ex manifold and head pipe is likely more than the cheap header, but don't do it.
Fuel overflow
Fuel line routing (brackets?)
Adjust valves at .013 carefully w/ plugs out
Rockershaft wear
Clean up wiring
Clean up emissions: vapor tanks etc
Gas tank venting

Y fittings for PCV
Smiths PCV
Alternative PCV valve to use with pre-emissions carbs

Stub stacks
AAA or AAB needles
A/F mount brackets
- linkage to go with above

Sell old stuff:
recover some of new investment